Why Choose a Structural Adhesives

February 24 2020

What is a Structural Adhesive?

Structural adhesives are an adhesive that cures or hardens into a material capable of holding two or more substrates together, for the lifetime of the product. They may be called a “load bearing” adhesive. The product should be able to sustain shock, vibration, chemical exposure, temperature extremes and many other types of weakening or destructive agents. The substrates involved can be the same or very different. This can range from metals, plastics, glass, rubbers, ceramics or composites.

9 Reasons to Choose a Structural Adhesives:

  1. Reduction of costly mechanical fastening methods
  2. Improved and quick processing methods 
  3. Reduction in labour and maintenance costs 
  4. Will fill large gaps
  5. Reduction in the need for Welding
  6. Leaves a clean finish, with no marks or distortion
  7. Provides even distribution of stress over the entire surface bonded
  8. Structural adhesives are resistant to cyclic fatigue
  9. They have exceptional shear strength and high peel properties

Structural Adhesives from Action Adhesives

Our Action Adhesives structural adhesives are two-part resins. Upon mixing, the adhesives cure to form an impact resistant plastic film. The curing process of these adhesives can be chemical, UV or electron. These adhesives are exceptionally versatile. They are designed to provide tough, durable bonds for a range of surfaces.

We supply a wide range of structural adhesives, guns and nozzles. Our team are committed to offering the best advice on adhesive technologies. For more contact the team below.

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