We Don’t Sell Tec7… But

May 29 2020

We often get asked

“Do you sell Tec7?”

No, we do not sell Tec7 … But

Buy a Product, Not a Brand Name!!

At Action Adhesives, we don’t believe in having our customers pay for a brand. We believe in providing value without the fancy brand. Much like in food retail, where many customers can now get an almost identical product in every way at half the price, we have done the same with Universal Sealants & Adhesives.

To ensure our customers get a quality Universal Sealant & Adhesive without paying Big Label money, we’ve worked with a supplier to bring to you Bond All Ultra. Our own privately labelled Universal Sealant and Adhesive. This is in our eyes, a direct comparison any other equivalent Universal Sealant available on the market.

Bond All Ultra is available in 4 colour options:

Bond All is available in single unit quantities or in Bulk/Box at a reduced rate.

Characteristics of Bond All Ultra

Bond All Hi Grab

Looking for something with more bonding strength?

Bond All Hi-Grab is a cost effective solution to your adhesive needs. This adhesive can be used on most common surfaces in situations that require a higher tack Strength.

Benefits of Bond All Hi-Grab

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