The D of PVA Adhesives

March 31 2020

Ever wonder what the difference is between d3 and d4 adhesives?

The D simply refers to the water resistance of an adhesive. This is classified under a European standard EN204, which is the “Classification of thermoplastic wood adhesives for non-structural applications”. The rating are classed from D1 to D4 and are explained below.

Table ref European Standard EN204:2001

In Ireland, we have a high humidity level throughout the year. Thanks to the impact of our Irish climate, we can only recommend and sell D3 and D4 rated adhesives as an adhesive solution.

W2093 D3 PVA

An excellent wood adhesive suitable for use in interior applications. Typical applications can be Sofa frame manufacture, stair construction, furniture manufacture, laminating in both hot and cold press, veneering and also suitable for use in a RF (radio frequency) press.

W2094 D4 PVA

An excellent wood adhesive suitable for use in interior and exterior applications. Typical applications include all internal joinery, timber windows, solid timber doors, wooden gate construction, Garden furniture and applications exposing wood to hi levels of humidity.

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