TensorGrip LP64

November 4 2019

Having Problems Bonding High Gloss Laminates? TensorGrip LP64 is the solution.

When bonding hi-gloss laminate to MDF using a contact adhesive, do you find ripples or dimples in the panel? This occurs as a result of light shining along the panel. It most commonly occurs on red, black and white laminates. At Action Adhesives, we have TensorGrip LP64 to solve your contact adhesive head-ache.

TensorGrip is the industry leader in boning gloss laminates and paperback veneers to a wide variety of substrates. They have a range of easy application sprayable adhesives that are ideal for any woodworking or craft business.

Tensorgrip LP64 is a Life Time Guaranteed contact spray adhesive. It is perfect for bonding high gloss decorative laminates. This product is designed to give a clean pebble-mist spray pattern. If we need to bond materials that require and high grab and superior bond strength, Tensorgrip LP64 is our adhesive of choice.

Our LP64 sprayable adhesive is ideal for shopfitters and joiners who are manufacturing bespoke pieces of furniture. It will stick high gloss laminates to mdf, ensuring even greater versatility. This product is easy to transport and apply. It comes in a 22 litre canister that connects to a hose and spray gun for ease of application. The canister is self-pressurised ensuring you will not need an additional compressor.

Advantages of TensorGrip LP64 include:

– No dimples on the surface of Gloss laminates
– Fast Drying
– Good heat resistance
– Portable system
– Suitable for post forming
– Easy application control
– Bonds Plywood, MDF, MRMDF chipboard etc
– Fully adjustable spray pattern

To get an onsite demo organise an appointment with our product specialist Eoghan.

TensorGrip – LP64 – Premium Mist-Spray Contact Adhesive