Seal All Expanding Foam from Action Adhesives

January 20 2020

New Year, new product. At Action Adhesives we are delighted to introduce another great value for money product. Seal All Expanding Foam is an industrial product that is suitable for a wide range of applications including filling and sealing joints in construction and industry.

What is Seal All Expanding Foam?

Seal All Expanding Foam is a Single-Component elastic polyurethane foam. It is CFC-, HCFC and HFC- free. This means Seal All Expanding Foam is ozone friendly and does not contribute negatively towards greenhouse gases. Seal All is available exclusively through Action Adhesives, who supply the wide range of adhesives products in Ireland.

Seal All Expanding Foam is available in a choice of options:

How does Expanding Foam work?

Expanding form typically a liquid contained in a can that expands and hardens once sprayed. Once dried, expanding foam can be trimmed, sanded and painted. Expanding foams are ideal for sealing gaps around pipes and wires. You can often find expanding form used in energy efficiency applications to keep your home warm.

Seal All NBS

Seal All NBS is our durable, fast-curing single part insulation and assembly foam. It is ideal for sealing and filling joints, seams and connections in building and industry. It can be used in passages of lines and pipes through walls and floors. For joints deeper than 5cm we recommend layering the foam with 15-30 min set time between each layer. Surfaces should be free of grease and dust prior to application.

Seal All NBS is available in a 750ml can. It comes in a green colour.

Seal All Elastic B2

Seal All Elastic B2 is a soft foam that can accommodate the continuous movements of components thanks to its elasticity. Elastic B2 won’t crack even when you have a high degree of temperature fluctuation, such as around a window or door. It has excellent noise and heat insulation qualities. This foam filler can be used at temperature as low as -10 degree C. Seal All Elastic B2 is certified to ISO 9001/E29001 quality standards.

Seal All Elastic B2 is white in colour and comes in  a 750ml spray can.

A re-usable expanding foam gun that connects to the Seal All can is sold separately. Click Here to learn more.

How to buy?

Seal All Expanding Foam is available throughout Ireland exclusively through Action Adhesives. For TDS or for best prices, click Here. Next day delivery is available on orders before 1pm.