Adjustable Microprecision Applicator

A simple swivel of the modules allows varios box formats using a single hose. Adjusting the two microprecision modules (mp.nd or mp.ccf) makes it possible to reduce down time when changing the product.

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Reliability, precision and speed in a small space .

Versatility of application. It handles several case formats with a single hose, accurately shooting at flaps with a simple turn of the microprecision modules.

With two microprecision modules controlled by a common solenoid valve or independently.

Maximum angle of rotation of each microprecision module: 34º (13º left, 21º right from the vertical plane).

No dripping and spills when applying lines or spots. Clean cut with AOAC activation.

High speed and pressure not limited by the viscosity of the hot-melt or the distance from the target.

Filter incorporated, which can be replaced without dismantling the hose.

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