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The All New Meler Micron+ Series

Meler’s most accoladed series has been reinvented. This amazing system has just been updated to include the latest integrations for superior energy efficiency and adhesive quality.

The Micron still retains the 5,10,20 and 35 litre variants with connections for up to 6 hoses. These machines have been updated with the Meler Industry 4.0 update.

Updates include:

  • A 7” touchscreen that is fast, durable and intuitive to operate

  • Greater Energy Efficiency – 60% less energy consumption versus the competition and 52% less air consumption

  • Remote connectivity from any location

  • Programable system schedules

  • USB back-up and for updates

What are the benefits of the Micron+

  • The best energy efficiency on the market

  • The lower consumption of air

  • Compact design that makes it easy to integrate into any installation

  • Cool Touch exterior housing

  • Easy to use

  • Quick and Easy to clean

  • Low maintenance cost and ling useful life

  • Identical controls/interfaces on all units

  • Units equipped for Industry 4.0

To read the Micron+ brochure, Click Here

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Not sure if a Meler machine is suitable for your business?

HME is part of the Action Adhesives group. We are a business that has been a leader in the Irish adhesives market for the last quarter of a century. Our team can advise you to the correct adhesive, with the most suitable application method.

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