Inflatable Repair Glue

May 3 2020

In Ireland, when we get a rare glimpse of sunshine, we like to make the most of it. This means paddling pools & bouncy castles come out of the dark corner of a shed or garage. The cobwebs are wiped off and the pump comes out. The kids are waiting and then you hear the heart breaking sound of a hiss. A tear or hole. Need an inflatable repair glue?

While some would say throw it out, we say repair! Our Axil 1115 polyurethane adhesive is perfect for creating a seal that will make the inflatable as good as new. Once you have a patch, our glue will stick, creating a strong and lasting bond. Axil 1115 is designed for use on any flexible PVC. The benefits of using this type of adhesive include:

  1. Has excellent versatility
  2. Is very suitable for sensitive substrates
  3. Has excellent resistant to heat, water and chemicals
  4. Can be very easily applied
  5. Doesn’t require any mixing

Axil 1115 is not limited to bouncy castles and inflatable pool repair. It is also perfect for repairing tarpaulins on trucks, tents or marquees.

At Action Adhesives we have the widest range of adhesives for every adhesive situation you may have. If you’re unsure which glue is for you, our expert team will support you to ensure you find your perfect adhesive.

See Axil 1115 in action repairing a Tarpaulin here:

Repairing a Tarpaulin with Axil 1115

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S1908 is a cleaner for ensuring the surface is as clean as possible prior to the application for Axil 1115.