Industrial Hot Melt Glue Guns

April 7 2020

Looking for a Glue Gun that can stand up to the rigours of a productive operation?

At Action Adhesives, we stock glue guns that are designed for the rigours of industry. Our tech 806 12mm glue gun is rapid heating and compatible with any 11/12mm glue stick.

But firstly,What are Hot Glue Guns?

Hot Glue Guns are portable hot melt applicators. These devices are light, compact and very simple to use & maintain.

Hot Glue Guns were first developed in the early 1950’s to apply thermoplastic adhesives. These adhesives were more reliable and less prone to environmental conditions compared to water based adhesives.

Since its invention, the modern glue gun has barely changed over the past 60 years. The biggest change has been in the adhesives. There are a wider range of adhesives, with various adhesive properties to suit every need.

Are there many types of Glue Gun?

At Action Adhesives, we stock 3 primary types of glue gun.

We have a DIY glue gun, which is idea for DIY and craft making. This gun is simple and affordable.

For more industrial applications, we have out Tec 806-12 glue gun. This is a simple, affordable glue gun for industrial environments.

Our largest glue gun, is a chamber glue gun. This gun is designed for industrial applications and provides greater flexibility than relying solely on glue sticks. The rear chamber of the gun opens to enable the user insert their solid glue blocks, granules or sticks.

For even bigger Hot Melt applications, we recommend visiting our sister company where you can learn about industrial hot melt applications, using Meler Hot Melt Applicators.

What are the Benefits of using Industrial Glue Guns?

What Industries use Glue Guns?

Learn about our Best Selling Glue Gun

Our industrial Hot Melt Glue Gun, is the perfect Glue Gun for industrial applications. Whether you’re a carpenter, builder or upholsterer, our glue guns will suit your adhesives applications.

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