How to Bond Solid Surface to MDF?

March 16 2020

TensorGrip L90 is suitable for bonding solid surface materials like westag Getacore, corian, LG himacs  sheets to a variety of substrates including MDF, chipboard, plywood and many other timber sheet materials.

One of Tensorgrip L90’s unique properties is the ability to bond ACRYLIC based surface materials successfully without attacking or reacting with the fundamental core properties of the sheets themselves


Bonding a Solid Surface to MDF

Tensorgrip L90 is available in both aerosol and canister format from Action Adhesives . For a demo off this product in your workshop contact us to arrange a suitable time. Not only do Tensorgrip manaufacture L90, but also a range of other leading woodworking adhesives. Click below to learn more about the Tensorgrip range of Woodworking adhesives.