Hot Melt Equipment Service Support

October 30 2019

At HME we offer Hot Melt Equipment service support on all machinery purchases.

When buying a new Meler Hot Melt Glue Machine, you are never just buying a machine. You are becoming part of the Meler family. A family that is ready to provide support whenever you need it.

At Hot Melt Equipment, our team of adhesives specialists are always ready to provide help and support. This service support is for hot melt parts, servicing and is available whenever you need it.

How often do I need to service my Hot Melt Machines?

There is no definite number, but we recommend that you service your machines 1 to 3 times a year. Factors determining this include:

What if I do not own a Meler Hot Melt Machine?

At Hot Melt Equipment, we offer hot melt equipment support to companies using machines other than Meler. This includes Nordson, Valco Melton, Graco, Slautterback, Buhnen, PERO, Robatech and more. Our Meler genuine parts are compatible with many existing hot melt machines.

How much does it cost?

Hot Melt Equipment provides its competitive fixed price service guarantee. There is NO additional cost for servicing done outside of your usual business hours, nor beyond the price agreed and quoted beforehand. Our fixed servicing price includes; all travel, labour and filters. All our work is guaranteed.

How long does it take?

Servicing takes about 2-3 hours per machine. All our servicing is carried out at your business premises. This service will ensure you maintain the performance of your hot melt machine. The machine servicing will keep optimal equipment efficiency, ensuring you avoid unnecessary down time.

Any repairs that we cannot perform onsite, will be repaired at our head office in Ballybay in Co.Monaghan. We can also provide emergency machines for hire, to cover any down time outside our on site service interval. Contact our team for more information.

Need Hot Melt Parts?

At HME, we stock a range of Meler genuine parts that are compatible with a wide range of hot melt machines, from Meler and other hot melt machine manufacturers. These parts include meler hot melt units, hoses, nozzles, modules and applicators.

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Interested in Purchasing a Hot Melt Glue Machine? At HME, we are part of the Action Adhesives Group. When you contact our team, you are not just contacting a machinery expert. You are contacting an adhesives expert, who can guide you to the perfect adhesive, that will work best with your hot melt machine, while creating the most suitable adhesion with your substrate.

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