Hot Melt Equipment

March 12 2020

Hot Melt Equipment (HME) is Ireland’s official distributor of Meler Hot Melt Applicators.

HME is the Hot Melt the Hot Melt Applicator arm of Action Adhesives.

Meler are a Spanish maker of world class hot melt machines. They have over 50 years experience providing high quality, energy efficient hot melt machines across the world. 

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Hot Melt Support from HME

When buying a new Meler Hot Melt Glue Machine, you are never just buying a machine. You are becoming part of the Meler family. A family that is ready to provide support whenever you need it.

At Hot Melt Equipment, our team of adhesives specialists are always ready to provide help and support. This support is for hot melt parts, servicing and is available whenever you need it.

We offer hot melt equipment support to companies using machines other than Meler. This includes Nordson, Valco Melton, Graco, Slautterback, Buhnen, PERO, Robatech and more. Our Meler genuine parts are compatible with many existing hot melt machines.

Hot Melt Adhesive for Hot Melt Applicators

Why move from Gluesticks to a Hot Melt Applicator, if an applicator costs way more than a Glue Gun??

Buying Hot Melt Adhesive can be half the cost of buying Gluesticks. For larger businesses, this saving can off set the cost of the applicator. At Action Adhesives, we stock a wide range of industrial adhesives specifically for Hot Melt Applicators.

As everyone will have a different need for bulk hot melt, we recommend that you call our team directly before purchasing bulk hot melt adhesive.

For all your Hot Melt Adhesive needs, make sure you call our team of adhesives experts today.