EVA vs Metallocene – Hot Melt Comparison

August 13 2019

Action Adhesives are leaders in the Industrial Adhesives market in Ireland. Our technical team have assembled the most comprehensive range of top quality hot-melt products based on over 20 years’ experience.

What are Hot Melts?

Hot Melt Adhesives are solid materials that melt at relatively low temperature (typically above 80°C). These are commonly applied between 125°C to 177°C. Once cooled, the materials solidify again. This will ensure cohesion and the ultimate adhesion of the bonded surfaces.

Properties of Hot Melt Adhesives

The main properties of hot melt adhesives are:

In most cases, a prescribed amount of hot fluid adhesive is applied to the surface to be bonded. It is brought into contact with the surface to be bonded and compression is applied.  After the adhesive has cooled below its solidification point, the substrates are bonded. This process is illustrated below:

Hot Melt Bonding
Hot Melt Bonding

Hot Melts are made from 4 main ingredients:

Here we will focus on the two main types of backbone polymers used in the majority of Packaging Hot Melts used. These are an EVA and mPO (Metallocene).

What is EVA?

EVA, or ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, has been the mainstay and workhorse of packaging hot melts for well over 50 years now. Formulation of an EVA can done with a variety of materials. These are customisable to the needs of specific markets. This can include food packaging that needs adhesion in blast freezer conditions as low as -40°C or shipping packages that may see temperatures in excess of 70°C in transit. The formulation of the specific EVA can be used to adhere substrates from simple paper to wax or plastic.

What is Metallocene?

Metallocene, or mPO polymers, are relatively new to packaging hot melts. The first viable adhesives made with these polymers hit the market in the mid to late 1990’s. They offer some unique advantages over EVA formulations.

Metallocenes offer:

Metallocenes are not always perferable to EVA hot melts. Each has their place in the industry.

Industry uses for Hot Melt Adhesives & Metallocene

Typical applications for EVA or Metallocene hot melts include:


If you think a hot melt might be suitable for your business, contact our team for expert guidance. Our adhesive experts will review your unique situation and help you decide which hot melt makes the most sense for you.

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Hot Melt Equipment

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Hot Melt Equipment