Black Friday Adhesives Deals

November 25 2019

Looking for trade deals this black Friday? Think Black Friday is only for retail? We’ll cheer you up! At Action Adhesives we have some fantastic Black Friday deals that cannot be missed.

To order any of these deals, email or call 01 6855 600

(Office Hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)

Deal 1. Save 60% on Sealant

Black Friday Sealant
Black Friday Sealant

Bond All Ultra from Action Adhesives is one of the most versatile sealants on the market. This sealant can be used to replace all types of specialist adhesives. Whether you are a plumber, builder, electrician, furniture maker or automotive technician, Bond All Ultra is the sealant for your needs. Bond All Ultra can be used on virtually all types of wood, making it ideal for carpenters and woodworkers.

To learn more, read our Blog Post about “Why you need Bond All Ultra” Click Here

Deal 2. Save 32% on our Glue Gun & Glue Stick Combo

Until Friday the 6th December we have an exclusive deal on our Glue Gun and Glue sticks. Our glue gun, is new in stock and has plenty to offer. It is ideal for any hobby or craft gluing operation, as well as being suitable for smaller industrial adhesives applications.

Our glue sticks are available in boxes of 330 sticks. These glue sticks compatible with any 11/12mm glue gun. They are available in clear or tan colours depending on your needs and requirements.

Deal 3. Save 23% on a 11/12mm Glue Gun

Our Action Adhesives Tec 806-12 Hot Melt Glue Gun is compatible with any 12mm gluestick.

This hot melt gun is powered by two self regulating PTC heaters. It has rapid heat up of 2-3 minutes from cold. This gun enables an output of up to 1.8kg/hr. Our Hot Melt Glue Gun plugs into a standard 13amp 3 pin plug with a 3 metre cordset fitted.

Deal 4. Save 23% of 11/12mm Glue Sticks

At Action Adhesives, we can supply any hot glue stick at some of the most competitive pricing on the market. We have a range available immediately in our warehouse in 11/12mm. All our Glue Sticks are European Manufactured with FDA approval and fit our 11/12mm industrial Glue Gun.

Deal 5. Best Value on Adhesives

Did you know, Action Adhesives have some of the best value on Adhesives in Ireland? We stock Ireland’s widest range of adhesives. From Hot Melt to Tapes, from Meler Hot Melt Applicators to Threadlockers, we have you covered. Our team of adhesive experts are trained and knowledgeable in a wide range of adhesive solutions. If you are unsure about the appropriate adhesive, our team can take an application sample and test the most suitable adhesive to ensure you get your desired results.

Our team are committed to finding a solution for all our customers, no matter how unusual the application. We also offer prompt next day delivery to the island of Ireland on a range of adhesives products. To learn more call 01 6855 600.

Black Friday Deals are only available until Friday 6th December at 5pm. For more information or if you have any questions contact our team below