Hot Melt Equipment can be used in a wide variety of applications


Applications of hot melt for packaging of cardboard, wrapping and labelling. We offer solutions for all packaging processes: wrap-around labelling, gluing of paper, cardboard and more!

Graphic Arts

Meler’s hot melt systems are present in graphic arts processes such as bookbinding, manufacture of corrugated cardboard boxes and cases, manufacture of envelopes, bags and sacks.


Hot melt applications throughout the construction market. Installing insulation, glued assembly of tiles in networks, anti-scratch protection, doors, sheets, network security application in panels for ventilated façades, moulding covers for cornices and the labelling and palletising of bags of cement or plaster.


Hot melt application for vehicle assembly and component manufacture, upholstery, interior fittings and insulation.


Hot melt application systems for wood and furniture manufacturing, such as sheets, floors, panels, sealing of worktops, coating of frames, postforming, edgebanding, gluing and textile laminating.


Hot melt to any textiles (clothing, footwear, upholstery…) either for immediate adherence or for later reactivation by the user.
For the mattress manufacturing industry, special application elements have been developed for each application.

Product Assembly

There is a wide range of gluing applications in product assembly, such as shoe manufacturing, the cosmetics industry, electronics, tools manufacturing, domestic household appliances, picture frame assembly and the wiring and cables industry.

Health Care

Hot melt application systems for disposable products, such as nappies, healthcare products, hygiene products and a wide range of household materials.

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