Mirror Adhesives

January 29 2020

Have you ever seen a blemished mirror? Ever wonder what has gone wrong?

A mirror is made by applying a thin layer of silver or aluminium mixed with a range of chemicals to a sheet or pain of glass. The coating layer on the glass is typically left without a coating or with a light protective layer. This is done to save on weight and ease of handling the mirror.

This layer or coating on the back is not perfect. While it may look sound, this coating can be damaged post application though chemicals, moisture or other atmospheric conditions. This can impact the mirror surface through the rear of the mirror. Damage is visible through blemishes or blotching on the surface.

When applying anything to the rear of a mirror including an adhesives. Applying an adhesive you need to be careful to use the correct product. Certain silicones or adhesives contain chemicals that can blemish.

When applying adhesive to a mirror, we recommend using Bond All Ultra. This universal sealant and adhesive is suitable for use on mirrored surfaces. Bond All Ultra can be used to adhere any mirror to a wall or fixture without impacting the surface.

Bond All Ultra is available in a choice of four colours:

Bond All Ultra is fast curing, elastic, solvent free and has a range of other amazing attributes.

Bond All Ultra is the best value universal sealant on the market. It is 60% cheaper than the market leading sealant on the market. To learn more about Bond All Ultra or to make a purchase click the link below