2019 Highlights

December 13 2019

2019 is nearly at an end and at Action Adhesives, it has been a year to remember. Our business has grown and we’ve made many new connections. To review some of our highlights, we’ve pulled our team together to bring you a sample of our 2019 highlights. This included new launches, new products and new customers that we’ve helped. To learn more scroll down

1. Hot Melt Equipment (HME)


August 2019 was holiday time for many. At Action Adhesives we were busy launching our new sister company Hot Melt Equipment (HME). This launch saw HME become the exclusive Meler Hot Melt Distributor in Ireland. This included a new website www.hme.ie, a new logo, branding and stylish new Hot Melt Applicators.

The team offer support and servicing for any hot melt applicator. Our support covers Meler and any alternative brand of hot melt machine. HME offer parts including: nozzles, piping and pumps for a wide array of machines and hot melt guns.

HME is supported by Action Adhesives who have been in the Irish Adhesives business for over 22 years. They have seen many changes in the adhesives industry. With the teams knowledge and expertise in hot melt and adhesives, we are delighted to introduce you to the Meler range. We are not only Hot Melt Adhesive experts, we are available to service and maintain your hot melt applicators with the support of the Meler Worldwide network.

2. Bond All Ultra

Bond All Ultra

September saw the launch of the best value universal adhesive on the Irish Market. Our new Bond All Ultra range of MS Polymer adhesives offers all the benefits of MS technology, at a fraction of the price of alternative brands. Bond All Ultra is Action Adhesives top selling products on the Irish market. The stylish black cartridges have already provided us with great feedback from those who have used it.

Why choose Bond All Ultra? Saving 60% on Adhesives might help!

3. BIT Chemical Anchors

Bit Chemical Anchors

In October 2019, Action Adhesives were delighted to announce an exclusive distribution deal. This time, it was for a range of Chemical Anchor resins from BIT. Chemical Anchors can be found widely in the construction industry. They can be known as liquid metal, anchor resin, chemical fastners and mortar resins. The non-expanding nature of a chemically held rod drastically reduces the potential of the surrounding concrete cracking. It is perfect for securing railings on to shallow concrete slabs concrete stairs and any similar applications.

BIT Chemical Anchors boast a wide range of industry standard accreditation’s including the CE mark. The range includes styrene free polyester, vinylester and epoxy products. These fantastic chemical anchors are available at the best value pricing on the Irish market.

To learn more about our BIT chemical Anchor range, click Here

4. Anaerobic


Earlier in March 2019, Action Adhesives supported a customer who was trying to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals and dangerous goods on the factory floor. The customer was using large quantities of different threadlocker products. These were harmful to the environment and were of potential danger to the operators on the assembly line. We introduced the business to the next generation “White Label Threadlocker”. White Label means that there are no hazard symbols required on the packaging. The threadlocker is non-hazardous to users and the environment. In recent years we have seen a move away from standard threadlockers.

Over the last 2 years, White Label threadlocker pricing has come in line with standard threadlocker products. This has resulted in the removal of a hazard from the working environment, while saving you money.

5. Medical

UV Cure Adhesives

In 2019, Action Adhesives were contacted by a multinational medical device manufacturer. They were having issues with an adhesive product and needed expert advice. Upon contacting Action Adhesives, our team took their 22 years of experience in the Adhesives market and applied it to the customers challenges. After much liaising, testing and quality checking, our team came up with a workable solution.

This solution has gone through the rigorous medical technology testing procedure. From this testing we have successfully progressed with the finished product passing all the required tests.

For the medical environment, we often recommend the use of UV cure adhesives. These adhesives are environmentally friendly, single part adhesives that cure under UV light.

Thank you to all our customers for a fantastic 2019. Our Christmas hours are below. We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to supporting all your Adhesive needs in 2020.

Christmas Hours
Christmas Hours